Nutrition is a vital part of wellbeing to consume energy for entire body. Diet in yoga suggests eating in moderation keeps body light and mind calm. Yogic food helps to strengthen the immune system and brings lightness of the body. As per the Indian scripture diets are classified into three categories "Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic. Sattvic diet is mostly light and easy to digest food which has the quality to supply nutrition to the body. Rajasic diet is neither heavy nor light and has less beneficial qualities for the body and mind. Tamasic diet contains heavy meals and are not easy to digest it may be harmful for body and mind.

Yogic Food For Headache

The consumption of junk food, party food, and heavy food can aggravate the headache and other side light, healthy and nutritious foods can also eliminate the headaches. One of the most useful home remedies for reducing headaches and migraine pain is to change your diet.

Yogic Diet

Carrot juice, beetroot juice, cucumber juice, cabbage juice and coconut water along with uncooked food should be taken. Coriander, chaulai, methi, bathua, figs, amla, lemon, pomegranate, guava and apple can also good food for the patients.

Dietary Supplements

Lavender oil, Peppermint, Basil Oil.


Alcohol,drug can trigger severe headache problem, therefore, it is advised to Contra-indication alcohol, drugs, smoking and heavy spices, deep fried food, excess salt, and red chilli.

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