Introduction : Cardiovascular disorder is caused due to narrowness, blockages or stiffness in blood vessels that stops the proper supply of blood in heart, brain, muscles and other parts of the body. Its symptoms may differ from person to person. Symptoms in men such as severe chest pain; in women symptoms such as shortness of breath, nausea and extreme fatigue and restlessness are the main cause of various cardiac vascular disorders.

Yoga for Heart problem / Cardiac Vascular Disorder

Yoga For Heart problem / Cardiac Vascular Disorder : Different forms of asanas and pranayama help to cure and prevent cardiac vascular disorder. Asanas work on the muscular system of heart while pranayama (a breathing technique) helps the body in eliminating impurities through the means of air. Asanas and pranayamas are to be performed slowly at regular intervals.

Course Description : Yogic management and Kriyas as required

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