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Hi Lovely Peeps! In Today’s world everyone wants to become fit and healthy. But due to busy life schedules, nobody has time to keep himself/herself physically & mentally fit. In the modern hectic life, Yoga helps us to keep fit on various levels of our existence: the body, breath and mind.

As per great Yogi’s, “One can be said to be in a perfect state of health when he/she is physically fit, mentally calm and emotionally steady.” Yoga not only provides physically strengths but also it improves mental and emotional capacity.

Why yoga practice?

As we grow in life, we need to boost up our body to fulfill needs with lots of hard work. So we need to make charge up ourselves with full potential. Yoga and meditation helps to boost our energy levels. Yoga boosts the fitness at all levels. Fitness is also able to handle the changes in life as they happen with a cool mind. Yoga keeps us healthy and fit on various levels of our existence as the body, breath and mind.

At the body level, we get complete body workout through practice of yoga stances and to practice of breathing exercises called Pranayamas boost the lungs capacity. By attention on the breath, yoga postures and meditation, we keep calm the mind when emotions go up and down at different situations.

In the situation of more peaceful, clear mind becomes effective decision making and is able to stay more focused on a task for a longer time with boosting mental capacity.

Connection among Yoga, Body, Breath and Mind

Have you ever noticed that when we inhale the scent of flowers? What happens? Whenever we do inhalation, our body invigorates with lots of energy which is known as ‘PRANA’. We feel strong, alert and joyful. Our body becomes fit and able to tackle whatever might come in our way.

A person can live without sleep or food for a few days but he cannot live without breathing. Yoga and Breathing are linked with each other. When we concentrate on breath and practicing breathing exercises, our lungs capacity boost up. While the yoga practice keeps body’s energy level high. As a result, when the body is at high level of PRANA, the mind becomes clear and happy.

Great Yogi shares his thought on PRANA, “PRANA can be gained through Pranayama, fresh foods, deep rest and also through happy meditative mind.”

Daily few minutes for YOGA

Yoga does not require too much time. Yoga practice fits in our daily schedules very easily like a daily meeting with good friends. All yoga poses requires very less space with proper ventilation. In Today’s hectic schedules, Yoga practicing is a worthwhile time investment which returns back a simple and long lasting smile on our faces.

Get the right body posture through yoga that helps you in Personality Development.

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