Yoga Poses for Slow Digestion Problems

Well friends, cause of indigestion and constipation can be different like a busy schedule, no exercise, stress or depression etc. But Practicing following asana regularly will definitely improve your digestive system and cure constipation. Important Points- Drink lots of water and chew food properly and avoid eating when you are in stress. Kapalbhati pranayama is very effective in curing stomach disorder, obesity, digestive disorder and many problems related to stomach. Those trying to loose weight can practice Kapalbhati regularly and see 100% results. lets see its benefits and how to do kapalbhati Pranayama. Steps for Kapalbhati Pranayama Sit on the flat floor and fold your legs. keep the spine straight and close the eyes. Keep the right palm on right knee and left palm on left knee. Now take a deep breath and exhale with all your force so your stomach will go deep inside. When you exhale with hissing sound try to think that your disorders are coming out of your nose. Do not stress on inhaling. Inhalation should not involve any effort. Inhaling will be done automatically after each exhaling. Repeat these steps for 5 minute and take rest. You can increase the time for 15- 30 minutes. Should not practice very fast. Speed of practice should be medium. Benefits of Kapalbhati Pranayama. It improves the function of the lungs and other respiratory system. Improves the function of reproductive system. Cures erectile dysfunction naturally. Improves the function of pancreas. Helps to produce insulin hormone naturally. It removes toxins from the body and helps to clean the internal system. Calms the mind and bring stability in mind. Very effective in weight loss. Cures breast cancer. Helpful in reducing weight (Belly fat). Keeps depression away and brings positive thoughts. Helpful in curing respiratory diseases as asthma, allergies, and sinus. Cure for constipation, acidity, diabetes, Asthma and all kinds of Respiratory troubles, sinus and even hair loss. Cures kidney problems and lower down the high creatinine level. Improve the function of kidneys. Precaution Those are heart patient should do this slowly while exhaling. You can do kapalbhati pranayama in morning or evening both the time, but keep in mind that you should do this on empty stomach. Pregnant women should not do this. High blood pressure patient should practice kapalbhati at a slow rate. Means 3 exhalations per 5 seconds and force of exhalation should be reduced. Practice pranayama in the supervision of an expert yoga teacher after informing about your whole health. Those women's, feel comfortable practicing pranayama during periods, can go ahead otherwise avoid it.

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