Importance of Yoga for Students

Nowadays it is found that even children are suffering from Mental Depressions as they are constantly juggling in between so many tasks like right from their studies, to home works, to pressure from parents and teachers. We often forget to realize that students  undergo maximum physical and mental changes during their school life, as growing up it is tough task for them as well. They find that their mental development is mismatched with their physical development and they start feeling uncomfortable in their social surroundings.

What happens?

At home, especially if the students have working parents they constantly experience a lack of affection and attention. They feel neglected and end up with behavioral problems. They act like rebels and are not willing to do what they are told to do. Their recalcitrant behavior sometimes results in violent outbursts or even crying. Parents having lack of knowledge of what their kids are going through find it difficult to cope up with their rebellious acts and go for punishments which worsen the situation. Gradually kids start to drift away from their families and parents. The family which is supposed to protect child from every kind of miss-happening and pain, becomes the cause of their agony.

In today’s competitive world the children also have the pressure of multitasking. They are no more confined only to their studies, they are also engaged in many extracurricular activities. They are constantly juggling between all their activities which usually leave a very space for their playtime. Students are more attached to their computers and mobiles due to which their interaction with other students is diminishing day by day.

The first thing any parent can do is to start understanding their children because every child is unique in his/ her own way and they behave differently in different situations. The next thing the schools should make Yoga as a part of the school curriculum.

Yoga Benefits on Students Mind & Their Nature

Yoga can prove to be more beneficial for kids than for adults. It helps in their development and calms them down mentally. It increases their flexibility and fitness and maximizes their growth and development. Yoga brings them closer towards spirituality and teaches them healthy habits at a very young age, when they can reap the most benefits out of it.

Yoga helps kids to focus on their studies and other activities in a better way as it enhances their stamina and concentration. By doing Yoga they have an improved lifestyle, calmer mind, good appetite, perfect posture, good development, good habits and a deep undisturbed sleep.

Yoga teaches kids to focus on breathing and hence helps them easily deal with frustrations which they might encounter in their day to day life. By doing different poses in Yoga they understand the capabilities and limits of their bodies and this self- awareness changes their attitude towards themselves as well as others. They behave better in difficult situations. They will start to see life in a positive way.

After all children are Natural Yogis, they are uncomplicated, have of lack inhibitions and have flexible bodies which we only need to nurture further.

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