Yoga for elderly people or senior citizen

How do we know what type of yoga is good for us? There are a myriad of types, but we recommend Hatha, Iyengar, Sivananda yoga for mid-lifers who have never done it before.There are subtle differences between them, but they're all relatively gentle and suited to older bodies, in contrast to Power Yoga or Ashtanga, which are fast-paced, and where injuries are most likely to happen, especially among beginners who may be straining to keep up. As for Bikram - the one done in a stiflingly heated room - the women among us are experiencing enough hot flushes without having to exert ourselves in 40 degree heat.Though there are some excellent yoga teachers in gyms, these classes are often taught by people who have bolted a yoga course on to a general fitness qualification, rather than devoted years of their lives to yoga study. If in doubt, 'interview' a potential teacher before you unroll a yoga mat in any class for the first time, and trust your instinct.

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