Yoga Beat Constipation

yoga  increase blood flow to the digestive tract and stimulate the intestines to contract.

This can make digestion more efficient and help relieve constipation.

There are some following yoga asana which are so useful to avoid Constipation:



Bend both knees one after the other and place the feet under the buttocks.

Keep the heels apart while the big toes touch each other.

Place the palms on the knees, head and back straight and erect without any stiffness

                                                                          2.Pavanamukta Asana


Lie down on your back with the legs stretched. Keep the left leg straight, Bend the right knee and hold it with both the hands, Press the knee towards the stomach. Try to touch the knee to the chin.

Repeat the same with the left knee.

Lift both the knees and bend them. Hold them with both the hands. Raise the head and breathe out. Touch the knees with the chin.

Caution: Pregnant women should not attempt this asana

                                                                             3.Dhanur Asana


Lie down on your stomach.

Bend your legs towards the buttocks.  Hold both the ankles with both the hands.

Note: Overweight people cannot hold their legs in the beginning; they have to tie pieces of cloth to their legs and these pieces of cloth can be held and practised.

                                                                   4.Yoga Mudra Asana



Sitting in Vajra asana, take both the hands to the back and hold one wrist with the other hand; slowly bend forward so that the forehead touches the floor. Don’t raise the hip from upon the heels. After a few seconds, return to Vajra asana.

Stretch both the hands upwards and slowly bend forward, so low that the forehead touches the floor. After a few seconds return to Vajra asana. Pavanamukta Asana

Interlock the fingers and place them on the back of the neck and slowly bend forward so that the forehead touches the floor.

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