Yoga and exercise

In yoga moves ,one loves himself into shape, not beats himself into shape. Yoga Moves is  a series of poses specially designed to balance the energy of your entire body, mind and nervous system .Each move is an exercise in itself with the specific purpose of repairing and maintaining individual parts of body. However taking one pose to benefit one alignment is limiting.

The  purpose of yoga is to benefit the whole body not juts its part. Properly done the physical workout is equal to any exercise program. However ,yoga moves is a personal workout of the body and the mind.As one holds the pose, his entrie body is strengthened and toned. As the same time ,he becomes aware of his restless thoughts and recognize feelings locked inside him.

The longer the pose is held the more the person builds his strength and his mind quiets down. As a person begins to break through his barriers,he sets up new goals ,so that each workout is a new experience in growth.

Yoga treats beaty from the inside out.Physical well-being is the world’s perfect cosmetic.Women and men spend millons of amount on creams and lotions annually that promise glowing,radiant complexions.They could save a lot of time ,disappointment andmoney if they realized that what goes on top of the skin is not as important as what goes on beneath it.The most effective cosmetic for a glowing ,healthy complexion is good circulation and detoxification of the body.

Yoga moves create space in between the vertebrae ,realigning the spine. Pay close attention during the poses not to slouch or collapse at the spine.It will keep the life force called prana flowing through the body and rejuvenating it.In yoga we stand ,move and sit with awarerness,until it becomes a natural part of us.

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