THE YOGSHALA: Healing Effects Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha contains many useful medicinal chemicals, including withanolides (steroidal lactones), alkaloids, choline, fatty acids, amino acids, and a variety of sugars. While the leaves and fruit have valuable therapeutic properties, the root of the Ashwagandha plant is the part most commonly used in Western herbal remedies.

THEYOGSHALA - healing effects of Ashwagandha are:

  1. Protects the immune system
  2. Helps combat the effects of stress
  3. Improves learning, memory, and reaction time
  4. Reduces anxiety and depression without causing drowsiness
  5. Helps reduce brain-cell degeneration
  6. Stabilizes blood sugar
  7. Helps lower cholesterol
  8. Offers anti-inflammatory benefits
  9. Contains anti-malarial properties
  10. Enhances sexual potency for both men and women

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