Reasons to Send Your Child to Yoga Classes

1. Kids are jazzed about the idea of doing yoga.

One of the things they say about yoga is that the poses are supposed to be things our bodies do naturally. When you get a bunch of kids doing yoga, you can see that that’s true. Kids can do these pretzel poses that adults can’t do, and they get excited to put their bodies to full use.

2. You’re setting up a healthy foundation.

My kids (ages 8 and 10) will go through phases where yoga isn’t cool anymore because mom does it … I always take heart that they’ll come back around to it.

3. It’s fun.

The kids learn poses inspired by animals, plants, and constellations and read yoga mythology (for example, the history of Tortoise Pose). Partner poses like holding hands in Tree Pose are a must. Kids also love going upside down for inversions. Sometimes we’ll do assisted Headstand

Or  Handstand with an adult supervising against the wall. There’s also story time, acting out story time, a craft project, snack time. We’re going to make a fort with yoga blankets. It’s yoga playtime rather than serious.


4. It prepares them for the school year.

The kids learn tips for quieting the mind through yoga games that increase their ability to sit still, concentrate, and listen internally.

5. It builds confidence.

Even after learning the smallest thing, like being able to balance on one leg in Tree Pose, kids will come home and say, “Mom, look what I can do.” These bragging rights are really powerful for children.

6. It helps them chill out.

They’re wriggling worms at first, but once you do the poses, breathing, meditating, and group work, by the time get to Savasana they’ve learned ability of stillness. They appreciate it and love it and they’ll rest there quietly. Sometimes parents can’t even believe it. It’s a great trick for winding down at the end of the day or in the morning when they’re getting ready and focused for school.

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