Pranayama Help to Work-Life Balance

Here is how the day looks for a working parent--wake up in the morning, rush to the toilet, wake kids up, catch a brisk walk (perhaps), have a shower, grab a quick breakfast and into the car to head to work. Work until end of day, sitting on a chair, or at most walking from one chair to another one in a meeting room. Get back home, catch up with family, do homework, fix dinner, catch up on news or read a book and wind down to bed.

Rinse and repeat the next day, the day after that, and on and on....

In the above routine, how many have you remembered to focus on your breath? Paid attention to your breathing? As you read this article, keep taking a few deep breaths, even as I explain the importance of doing so.

'Prana' or breath is what makes us. It is the life force, which brings in energy into our body, purifies our blood and helps gets our body rid of toxins. This life force in scientific terms is oxygen. When you do consciously practice breathing, it is called pranayama. And I believe there is no action greater than pranayama that can help purify the blood and the mind.


Set aside a particular time of the day to practice pranayama. Then over a period of time, become aware of your breath at work--while typing an email, coding, making a presentation or even while driving. It's not difficult; you will be amazed at how you feel.

If you are unaware of the various pranayama practices, then get help from a yoga teacher and get started. If you find it hard to get help, look up yoga videos on YouTube.

The advantage when you learn it from a teacher is that they will be able to help you breathe correctly and check you when you don't do it the prescribed way.

So go ahead, start today, this very moment, practice deep breathing as you read this article and continue as you proceed with doing other work.

If you started or plan to start pranayama after you read this article, come back and write back to me on how a simple deep breathing practice helped you. I would love to hear from you If you already practice pranayama, comment here and let people know the benefits of it.

Pranayama is a great tool that will help in your work and life to balance it all in a less stressful way. Give it a try and take charge of your mental and physical health.

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