Panchkarma Therapy Introduction

In Ayurveda, Panchakarma are considered very effective Ayurvedic method of treatment that detoxifies the body. The body goes through metabolism continuously and during this process the waste products (toxins) are formed. These toxins are known as 'Aam'. This aam is the root cause of different diseases. The Panchakarma Therapy action removes Aam from the body in an efficient manner without any hostile effects on body. If we break the word Panchakarma in two words that provides ‘Pancha’ which means Five and 'Karma' that means Actions/Therapies. These are all shodhan therapies that help in cleansing of vitated doshas and bringing them to normalcy. The Panchakarma Therapy mainly consist five major therapies like:-

1 – Vaman

2 – Virechan

3 – Basti

4 – Nasya

5 – Raktamokshan

These therapies are known as Pradhan Karma that means main procedures. There are few pre Pradhan Karma procedures as Snehan (Oleation/Massage) and Swedan (Steam) that should be done before Pradhan Karma therapies that’s why these procedures are called Purva Karma. Purva Karma is a preparative stage for the main procedures; it brings the aggravated doshas in koshtha for their elimination.

Tune up with The Yogshala for further introduction about Pradhan Karma and Purva Karma Therapies.

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