NCERT to organise Yoga Olympiad for govt schools

NEW DELHI: After science and mathematics Olympiad comes one on Yoga to be organised by NCERT for all government and government-aided schools from June 18 to 20. Yoga Olympiad will culminate on June 21 on International Yoga Day with an award ceremony to be attended by HRD minister Smriti Irani.

To be conducted with different syllabus for upper primary and secondary students from block, district, state to national level, participants will be tested on five yogic practices: Asanas, Pranayam, Kriya (cleansing process), Bandha and Surya Namaskar. However, considering the opposition to Surya Namaskar by certain sections, NCERT has made it optional. The theme of the olympiad will be 'Yoga for Health and Harmony'.

A senior NCERT official said, "The Olympiad will help to develop an understanding of yogic practices, their application in one's life and living which, in turn, will develop physical, emotional and mental development of children. It will also help in the development of healthy habits and humane values in children."

While at block level, all individuals/schools can send their entries, winners will qualify for district-level and winners of state level will qualify for the national level for which 16 children (four boys and four girls at upper primary level and equal number at the secondary level) will compete in Delhi on June 21.

Assessment of participants will be done by a jury based on certain criteria. The children will be assessed based on the practical performance of various yogic activities. Only practical aspects of yogic practices in terms of performance will be judged. At each stage, there will be a team of three judges having expertise in Asanas, Pranayam, Kriya, Bandh. The jury members will be drawn from educators, practitioners/ scholars from different institutions, schools and yoga institutes across the country.

At the upper primary level, there will be 100 marks (60 for Asanas, 20 for Pranayama and 20 for Kriya). Participants will have to do a total of six Asanas from among the long list already given out by NCERT.

Students will be asked to perform four Asanas by the judges while they have the option of doing other two as per their choice. At secondary stage, participants will be evaluated in Asanas (60 marks), Pranayam (20), Kriya (10) and Bandha (10)


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