Misleading Food Labels

As people becomes more health conscious, the food industry is getting cleverer too. Food companies have devised ways to trick consumers into believing that they are choosing healthy foods, when in reality, it is just their way of making more money from their products, albeit with a slight packaging twist. Most consumers, us included, base our purchase of food products on convenience, taste, health and price. To ensure that you don't get duped into buying unhealthy foods with fancy packaging, we show you some misleading food labels you should learn to identify. This will help you to make a more informed choice of the food you purchase in supermarkets or at the grocery store. ADVERTISEMENT 1. All Natural Image source: One Dog Organic Bakery LLC Image source: One Dog Organic Bakery LLC This age old trick by food companies of using the word 'Natural' on their products helps to attract new customers and keep their loyal ones. According to a research conducted by the FDA in 2008, 'All Natural' is the second most commonly used food label on products.' However, products that contain fructose corn syrup, yet are labeled 'All Natural' are misleading consumers. This is because while glucose and fructose can occur in nature, the conversion process of cornstarch is a chemical industrial process. Citric acid additives use are also not the same natural citric acid found in natural foods like lemons

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