How to stay fit and healthy during coronavirus

How to stay safe during the third wave of covid-19 (adopt Yoga and Ayurveda)

The second wave caused a lot of devastation in the country, due to which many people lost their lives and the bodies were piled up. The havoc of the second wave in the country has reduced considerably now. However, the experts are saying that the third wave of corona will also come definitely in the last of August & September, 2021. He also says that the pandemic will remain a threat to public health for at least a year.

Experts believe that if the third wave of corona virus is more harm to the health of the children In a survey by Reuters, 100% of experts have agreed that the third wave will come in India. The variant of the virus will be 1000 times more dangerous and spreading faster.

Director Randeep Guleria has said that the Reproduction Rate (R-value) of the virus is increasing in the country which is a matter of concern.

An increase in the R value means that there is an increase in the rate of corona infection from one person to another. Understand this in some ways:

If 100 people are infected and they will infect another 100 than reproduction rate (R) will be 1.

But if they infect 80 people then the value of R =0.80.

Corona is also affecting the daily routine of both old people and children. Earlier children used to go to school and used to be healthy with outside activities, but due to corona, children are no longer able to do these activities, so yoga has emerged as a means by which children are able to keep themselves fit in everyday life.

 Nature has enough medicine to protect against the virus. Even today Ayurveda is our way of life. With Ayurveda, we can strengthen the body, for which we have to adopt nature. Corona virus is a respiratory disease. The reason for this is said to be Kapha. The phlegm becomes thick due to this, which makes it difficult to breathe. There are many medicines in Ayurveda to eliminate the disease related to Kapha.

How Yoga and Ayurveda is Beneficial for Children in the 3rd Wave of Covid-19

Ayurveda believes that not only can it help boost the body's immunity, but it can also prove to be helpful in protecting the respiratory system of the human body from the corona virus. Ayurveda maintaining all the key feature of child health including proper digestion, nutrition, immunity, and metabolism” Five specific herbs defined by Ayurveda that will help to improve immunity of children are tulsi, turmeric, asawgandha, amla and giloy.

Children's immunity can also be improved with some basic foods that easily available at home:

  1. Give Amla, Aloe Vera and Giloy juice to the children.
  2.  They will never have vomiting and diarrhea.
  3.  Natural foods are best for immunity.
  4.  Stop consuming fast food and junk foodCow's ghee is the best immunity booster.
  5.  Therefore, eat 2 spoons of cow's ghee by putting it in the roti.
  6.  Eat cow's butter too. Ayurveda's immunity-boosting is a good remedy given with turmeric milk, chaywanprash.
  7. Adequate sleep and a balanced diet are the keys to a healthy life.
  8. Mix two to three drops of peppermint oil in a spoonful of honey and ask small children to lick it and eat it.

Immunity can be boosted with the help of these yogasanas.

This yoga posture is helpful in increasing the immunity of children to fight the 3rd wave of covid-19 like tadasan, vrishasan, suryanamaskar, yogic jogging, shirshasan, swarangasan, hlaasan, workasan, bhujangasan, nokaasan and pawanmuktasan. This asana is necessary to boost immunity of children. This asana is effective for making children's body flexible and helpful in removing obesity. 

How to safe from 3rd wave of covid-19 with the help of Ayurveda?

The government’s Ayurveda action plan has the motto “Karuthalode Keralam, karuthekan Ayurvedam”. It means “Ayurveda can protect Kerala”. The state has also formed Ayur Raksha Clinics at all ayurvedic dispensaries under the department of Indian Systems of Medicine and the National AYUSH Mission. These clinics are now part of the Covid-19 monitoring system.   


As part of the plan, the state has implemented four kinds of Ayurvedic intervention — Swasthyam, Sukhayushyam, Punarjani and Niramaya.The instruction states that in all the studies done so far, some ayurvedic medicines have shown their effectiveness in the treatment of covid-19.we appeal that all states follow the ayurvedic system of medicines and the national AYUSH mission.

Ayurveda and naturopathy can work for immunity and give a strong guard against the virus." Ayurveda not just help one live a healthy life but would also enlighten one by making him or her emotionally strong and giving spiritual growth too.

  1. To avoid the effects of the COVID-19 virus, it is most important that you drink lukewarm water regularly.
  2. If you are fond of drinking tea, then you should regularly drink tea made by adding 10 or 15 basil leaves, 5 to 7 black peppercorns, a little cinnamon and a suitable amount of ginger. It will help you to avoid diseases.
  3. Drinking hot milk mixed with turmeric also improves immunity.
  4. In Ayurveda, every part of the Tulsi plant is used to stay healthy. You can also drink it as an herbal tea once or twice a day. It can be consumed only for a few days at the onset of fever symptoms.
  5. People suffering from cold, cough will get to see the benefit of Ayurvedic drink very fast. It also increases immunity and also works to cure this symptom of corona virus. Such as adding chopped pieces of ginger, 1/2 teaspoon cumin, 1/2 teaspoon turmeric and one teaspoon lemon juice in one go. drink it mixed with a cup of water
  6. To keep the body healthy, you should regularly drink juice of Amla, Aloe Vera, Giloy, Lemon etc. in proper quantity as prescribed by doctor.
  7. For the betterment of the immune system, it would be best to take Ashtadasang decoction, Guduchayadi decoction, Amrituttram decoction or Sirishadi decoction as prescribed by doctor.
  8. To keep the house and the surrounding environment right, you should regularly burn neem leaves, guggal, resin, cedar wood and two camphors together. Its smoke can prevent the effect of virus in the house and nearby.
  9. Along with Ayurveda, you should also follow the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of AYUSH to avoid corona virus.


Note: - Always consult an Ayurveda Doctor before taking any medicine.



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