How to lose belly fat naturally


There are number of things that can cause rapid weight gain, especially around the waistline, a poor diet, lack of exercise, stress and other unhealthy lifestyle habits are the major factor contributing to accumulation of the belly fat. Abdominal poses are serious health risk. It is very common problem for all person. But making simple lifestyle and use natural herbal ingredients to reduce belly fat is good for healthy lifestyle. Fat that can makes help to reduce the body fat and makes us. Seven Ayurvedic secrets to help the long-lasting weight lost. Ayurveda is a natural remedy to help reduce the belly fat of entire body. In natural way Ayurveda is not available in medicine it is natural remedy. Maintaining a healthy metabolism to combine the starch of the basically things that have help to the body requirement of the body. Ayurvedic foods help maintaining the weight of body with naturally herbs also reduce weight loss and boost immunity. Ayurvedic medicine natural process of remedy they help to relief all the body parts of body. Hot water as per the Ayurvedic tradition, the concept of digestive fire, transformation and digestion are closely interlinked. Maintaining a healthy metabolism requires appropriate kindling of the digestive fire, which can be done by adding regular and reliable fuel to the body. So, eat healthy, digestible meals each day without snacking between meals to strike an important balance.

AMLA (triphala)

Indian gooseberry amla has been prominent place in Ayurveda. It is also known as amaltaki a hareetaki. Amla is known to boost metabolisms reduce belly fat and it recommended one of add amla in one’s daily diet. Amla juice reloaded with full of fibers. Fiber take long to digest naturally you would be available which will further promote weight loss. Amla juice rich in power which improves digestion and lots of impurities of your body and boost digestion. Digestion system is great for an effective weight loss

GUGGUL (camphora mukul)

Guggul is a top list medicine in ayurvedic for weight lost. It is natural herbal medicine to control your weight of your body. It has plant sterol, guggulstereno that promotes weight loss. Guggul also contains substances that lower triglycerides and cholesterol or weight loss. Guggul one type of ingredient who helps the control the weight of body. It is a most powerful ingredients to enhance the body metabolism and reduce belly fat. It is natural lowering cholesterol herbs help to entire body. To remove the problem of piles, make a tablet by grinding guggul with water. Taking one tablet every morning and evening will give benefit.

VIJAYSARA (pterocarpus marsupium)

Vijaysar is a deciduous tree is used in various ayurvedic medicine to manage  obesity and reduce belly fat. This is a one type of herb who helps to reduce belly fat. You could drink a cupful herbal tea using vijaysar to get effective result.

PUNARNAVA (borrrehavia deffusa)

Punarnava is known to be effective in the weight loss process. It helps the kidney and urinary bladder to function better. It also help to reduce the water recitation which can weight loss the whole body. It improves your immunity system manage digestive issue like constipation. This herb is improve our immunity system.

DALCHINI (cinnamon)

Dalchini helps to stimulating metabolism which further help in cutting the belly fat. A cup of cinnamon tea first thing in the morning help to reduce the body fat. It is nutritional according to the body it is very useful all our body for cinnamon. Dalchini reduce the weight of body. They stimulating the belly properly. One tea spoon of honey and cinnamon mixed in water and boost belly fat.


Alovera is used for the reduce of the weight of body. This is used to the form of aloevera juice. It helps to boosting metabolism and aiding weight loss. Aloevera gel contains the complex carbohydrates which facilitates the absorption of nutrients. It nourishes help to detoxify.


Kalonji uses in weight loss and controlling obesity. It is rich source of fiber. Kalonji specifically use for daily life to improve the system of body fat. Kalonji is used in daily diet for weight loss. Black pepper used for weight loss. Black pepper is also rich and healthy fiber. It helps to promote weight loss. You can consume black pepper in several forms. You can add it in morning a cup of tea give a healthy to your day. If taken the right amount of black pepper (3 to 4) it helps to reduce the belly fat.

METHI (fenugreek)

Methi and fenugreek has been known to help loss weight efficiently. Its support digestion to help weight loss this helps to digestion give to the carbohydrates to remove the toxic of the body. It is naturally and organic process to shed of kilos that helps to maintain and help to the physical development of our and improve all the impurities. You can also soak the seed overnight and use next day. Moreover, it also help increase the metabolic rate of our body.

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