How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally

Beauty is what you think about, naturally, on the outside and from within. Our skin is a major part of the human body. In today's lifestyle, we use many chemical beauty products on our face which harm our skin. Natural Herbs (Ayurveda) are the best and most effective way when it comes to skin care. (AYU) means life and (VED) means knowledge, in which remedies range exists from minor ailments to serious ailments. These Ayurvedic herbs rarely have any side effects and are completely natural.

Excessive use of chemical products damages the skin and can cause long-term problems. Ayurvedic natural herbs reach to the root of the problem by taking care and treating the skin.

Ayurvedic Treatments and therapies focus on health & wellness and make balance among the mind, body and spirit. There are some therapies in Ayurveda which are used for the protection of the skin like Pizhichil and Mukhlepan.

PIZHICHIL- It is a detoxifying therapy. The therapy also remove dead cells and toxin from your skin and rejuvenates.

MUKHLEPAN- Mukhlepan is a kind of therapy and skin care treatment. It is an ayurvedic facial treatment made from pure herbs and medicinal plants which helps to free from blackheads and wrinkles.


Causes of harmful skin

  1. Eating irregular time
  2. Eating large amount of oily, spicy and sour food
  3. Hormonal problems
  4. Increased stress level
  5. Lifestyle changes
  6. Excessive use of chemical beauty products
  7. Effect of age on skin
  8. Nutritional deficiency in food
  9. Excessive exposure dust or heat

Most important things for healthy and glowing skin are- diet, relaxation and use of basic routine yoga asanas.


Ayurvedic natural herbs for healthy and glowing skin:-

NEEM- Neem oil is good to treat blemishes. It also has antiseptic properties.

MANJISHTHA- Best ayurvedic herbs for glowing skin. You can take this internally and can also use regular face pack.

NAGKESAR- It is very effective herb to heal acne and improve skin complexion to graceful.

VETIVER- Vetiver is the grassy plant. Vetiver antiseptic properties help acne and repair the aging skin to repair healthier again.

AMLA- Amla is an Indian gooseberry and it is non-toxic ageing herb that protects your skin from the side effects.

TULSI- Tulsi is a medicinal herb. This herb beneficial for your skin in different ways it improves the texture and fine line of your skin.

ASHAWGANDHA- Ashawgandha has antibacterial and stress relieving properties. Its protect your skin against any free radicals. With regular use of ashawgandha, you can get healthy and glowing skin.

HALDI- Turmeric is truly natural anti- ageing properties. It is good for healthy and lighten your skin.

GILOY- It has anti-inflammatory properties which safe from your skin tissue and fight inflammation.

How to get healthy and glowing skin through yoga

Beautiful and glowing skin is not only from outside but it should also be healthy from inside, for which there are some yogasanas and pranayama which bring glow on your face like Suryanamaskar, Trikonasana, Pawanmuktasan, Ushtrasan, Savaranghasans and Meditation.


NOTE: Always consult an Ayurveda doctor before taking any medicine.

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