Daily yoga to keep diabetes under control

Introduction : Diabetes is known as metabolic disease, there is a lack of a certain substance - insulin which must be present to enable the cells to take up glucose from the blood which is one of their most important nutrients. The lack of insulin is a result of a disturbed function of the pancreas, which produces this hormone. Those who are suffering from diabetes they may feel frequent urination, increased thirst, blurred vision, excessive hunger, weight loss, irritable mood, fatigue and tiredness.

Diabetes is classified into 2 categories:

1.       Type A : Which is mostly found in young people, where almost no insulin is produced. Here substitution in the form of subcutaneous injection of insulin is a must together with strict diet.

2.       Type B : In this category of diabetes there is only reduced production which normally attribute to some degenerative process. The easiest way of treatment is to stimulate the pancreas by use of drugs.

Yoga for Diabetes :

The Yogshala  centre in Ghaziabad provide  best yoga classes and asanas who help to keep away diabetes.

Asana, pranayamn and kriyas are very much beneficial to cure and prevent diabetes.

The following asanas and pranayamas are effective for diabetes. They should be learned with proper guidance, before putting them into practice:

1.       Vajrasana

2.       Mandukasan (the version with fists in stomach region)

3.       Supta Vajrasan

4.       Viprit karni – Sarvangasan – Halasan – Sarvangasan

5.       Lie down and relax for a minute

6.       Chakrasan

7.       Natrajasan (both legs on one side)

8.       Purna Shalabhasan

9.       Triyak Bhujangasan

10.    Dhanurasan

11.    Upward facing dog (Udharmukh swan asan)

12.    Child pose

13.    Udiyan Bandh

14.    Paschimottanasan

15.    Ardhmatsyendrasan

16.    Parvatasan-Yog Mudra

17.    Kapalbhati Nadisodhan pranayam

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