Benefits Of Swarna Prashana For Kids

Ayurveda is not the system of medicine but a science of life which has been going on to the ancient time which has been use for in 5,000 years. The goal of Ayurveda is the upgrade of health and prevention of disease.

Swarnprashan is metallic medicinal. It is the oldest a continuously living medical system in the world. Swaranprashan is an age- old Vedic immunization method which was prevalent since the ancient days that is apply in Ayurveda. The gold which use in swaranprashan is pacified to purification as mentioned in the Ayurveda to remove your toxicity. Ancient Indian Sciences like Ayurveda and yoga are made for the well-being of the people, thus, immunization existed in Indian the Vedic era. The supreme goal of Swarna prashana is not manage at one disease but the complete body and improve the overall immunity.



Swarnaprashan means that of directing of ash of gold with honey and other herbal uproots in semi liquid form. It is one of the most important practice Ayurveda development of the growth, immunity and memory of the children. In Ayurveda, swarnaprashan has been described as very beneficial for increasing the immunity of the body of children. Honey is also known to work against swelling and improve digestion.

Honey and Ghee mixed with Swarna Bhasma and some tonics, a drop is prepared which increases the intellect power. The special importance of Swarnaparashan is to increase the vision of the brain, eyes and is a natural, herbal immunity booster to improve overall health of children without any harmful side effects. If this drop is given in the flower constellation, then its special miracles will be seen. In Pushya Nakshatra, giving this drops beneficial for kids in each month. Pushya nakshatar, one of the 27 nakshatar, the star of nourishment, ayurvedic Swaranprashana drops beginning from this nakshatar, this drops made in natural herbs.

Today, mostly people used Swarnaprashan to boost the immunity of their children. It is being theorized that the third wave of corona may be most dangerous for children. In such a situation, it is very important for you to strengthen the immunity of your children.  



  1. Ash of gold
  2. Ghee, honey and herbal extract
  3. Medicinal plants like Vacha, shankhapushpi,brahmi and sonth


Age of children who can take swarnaprashan :( from 0.6 months up to the age of 18 year)

Swarnaparashan increases immunity power, whom protects children from getting sick again and again. In Swarnaprashan, the minimum amount of gold is given to the children. This quicken the physical development of children. They become stronger and tells that Swarnaprashan can be given to children from 0.6 month up to 18 year. Swarnaprashan should always give in the morning on an empty stomach. It is considered best to consume it on an empty stomach. Performing Swarna Prashan on the day of Pushya Nakshatra is considered most beneficial.  On this day children must get swarna Prashan.



  1. It builds body growth (height, weight), physical strength in children and helps physical activities and also improve stamina for the same.
  2. Regular doses of Swarnprashan improves child’s sharpness, grasping power, analysis power and memory strength in unique manner.
  3. Decreases related complaints and improve digestion.
  4. It improves child’s appetite.
  5. It enhance physical strength and improve stamina of the children.
  6. Reduces anxiety, aggressiveness and irritability, attention seeking behavior. 
  7. It helps body to recover early in case of any illness.
  8. Boost immune system.
  9. Enhances memory.
  10. Nourishes the skin.
  11. Improves overall physical and mental health.
  12. Improves hearing and vision.
  13. Reduces mental agitation.
  14. Strengthens muscles and bones.

NOTE: always consult with Ayurveda doctor before taking any medicine. Children should do Suvarnaprashan according to their age.

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