Avoid Heart Problem With Yoga

Yoga has come ahead of its traditional perceptions where people only considered Yoga as something which ancient India used for gaining the spiritual insight and tranquility. Numerous medical benefits of Yoga have also been noticed by the scientists and doctors across the world.

High blood pressure, high cholesterol and smoking are the key factors leading to heart stokes and Yoga has helped in its prevention and cure. It even helps people calm down after the emotional turmoil, depression, anxiety they face after the bypass surgery. Traditional Yoga focuses on slow stretching and controlled breathing, does not require any intense physical activity hence it is particularly good for heart patients.

It is supposedly the best way out to keep a healthy heart as Yoga lowers the blood pressure, helps breathe better and enhances blood circulation so it helps reduce the chances of cardiac arrests, heart strokes and other heart related problems.

The best thing is the benefits with yoga are immediately visible right from the start as soon as the patients start doing it the blood pressure goes down, breathing regulates, stress levels go down; and the patient starts feeling better already.


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