Yoga is ancient therapy, not promoted on lines of caste or creed: Govt

New Delhi: The government does not promote yoga based on the consideration of caste or creed but as a rehabilitative, drugless therapy, the Rajya Sabha was told Wednesday. Responding to a question on whether government considers yoga as a 'Hindu ritual' or a 'recipe of health' while giving the art international publicity, Minister of State for AYUSH Shripad Naik said the "therapy" is not promoted based on any consideration of caste or creed. "Yoga is ancient Indian heritage and has its roots in myriad spheres of Indian culture and traditions and is being promoted by Ministry of AYUSH as health promotive, disease preventive and rehabilitative drugless therapy without any consideration of caste and creed," the minister said in a written reply. He said the credentials of yoga as a system of promoting holistic health has been acknowledged by the UN General Assembly by adopting a unanimous resolution to observe June 21 as International Day of Yoga.

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